Giant inflatable 'Trump Chicken' makes appearance at Seattle rally

SEATTLE -- A now famous giant inflatable chicken that kind of resembles President Donald Trump made a brief appearance at a Seattle rally Sunday.

About one hundred activists turned out to the emergency rally titled, "Say No to the Nazis!" which was hosted by Americans for Refugees & Immigrants.

The rally was sparked by a white nationalist protest in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend and the president's response to it.

Earlier this month, the 10-foot inflatable 'Trump Chicken' appeared outside the White House.

Organizer, Taran Singh Brar told the New York Times, he wanted to make a statement that the president was being a "weak and ineffective leader" for not releasing his tax returns, not standing up to Vladimir Putin and "playing chicken with North Korea."

Many online retailers are selling the inflatable chicken for about $500.