George Floyd Protesters in Renton leave feeling empowered

RENTON, Wash. -- Cars were honking, people were chanting and powerful demonstrations took place outside Renton City Hall.

More than 200 people participated in a Black Lives Matter protest Monday afternoon that lasted about four hours.

Ari is a young black woman who felt empowered to stand with her community and condemn the killing of George Floyd.

“I think police need to be held to a standard that is much higher than they currently are,” said Ari. “I do have fear. I have fear that I’ll be followed. I have fear that I’ll be slayed. I have fears of my brothers and sisters and family members, will be another name.”

She doesn’t believe the voices of protesters will get any quieter until the three officers involved in the Minneapolis murder of Floyd are also held accountable by the justice system.

During the Renton protest, a row of people were lying face down on the sidewalk with their hands behind their backs. It lasted nine minutes, which is just about how long George Floyd had an officer digging his knee into his neck.

That powerful moment playing out with dozens of people of all ages, colors and backgrounds emphasizing police accountability, racial equality and social justice.

“We live here in Renton so it was important for us to stop and be a part of this because we graduated from Renton High School like right around the block,” said a Renton high school senior who showed up in her cap and gown.

Police officers driving by also honked their horns in a show of support.

“Ultimately what I want America to do is go back to place where everyone is safe,” said Jeff.

The City of Renton anticipated issuing a curfew for a second night starting at 8 p.m. on Monday.

The Renton Police Department said they would protect people’s right to demonstrate, but that they wouldn’t tolerate looting or vandalizing of business property.

Big box stores Target and Walmart closed early.