Fundraiser for 16-year-old Amtrak derailment survivor Timmy Brodigan

BURIEN, Wash. -- People came together Wednesday night in Burien for a fundraiser to help the family of a 16-year-old boy injured in the deadly Amtrak derailment near DuPont.

His name is Timmy Brodigan.

His mom was with him in the hospital, but Timmy's dad was able to attend the fundraiser.

"With spinal cord injuries, spinal cord shock. There are no guarantees. So we're in for the long-haul," Michael Brodigan told Q13 News. "If he could just get some mobility here within three, four, five months when the swelling of the spinal cord goes down, we'd be just thrilled."

Michael Brodigan said Timmy also suffered two fractured ribs, which is complicating his recovery.

He also warned people to avoid fake online fundraisers, using Timmy's name. He said the real fundraiser was started by Timmy's sister, Kali.