Frustrated with remote learning, single mom of five decides to home school kids

Remote learning didn't work for all students last spring. Let's be honest -- it did not work for too many of them.

It is part of the reason single mother Casey Causey of Lakewood plans to home school 4 of her five kids, who range in age from kindergarten to 11th grade. 

Single mother Casey Causey and her five children.

When the outbreak caused by COVID-19 moved learning from the classroom to the living room last school year, four of Causey’s five children struggled. That includes her oldest – who has a learning disability and is supported by an individualized education plan or IEP. 

"They absolutely hated the last couple of months, no matter how much I tried to help,” Causey said. 

So this summer, this mom did her homework. Because her baked goods business offers the flexibility to work from home, she decided to try homeschooling. She's the first to admit, it's a big commitment. 

Causey baking with her son.

“Because I have to take on the responsibility," the single mom said. "When you do homeschooling you have to take a course, that you pay for yourself.”

She's buying into the approach called “unschooling.” It's a less formal education, where students learn from real-life experiences, personal interests, and curiosity.

“My 10-year-old wants to learn about animals," Causey said "So why not teach her about animal science or marine biology? All of those things that she wouldn’t get in fifth grade, but she can learn about it at home.” 

 So is she emotionally and mentally prepared to take on the role of a teacher? 

Causey replied, “Emotionally, I mean, I’ve coached my kids before and they don’t like coaching from mom. So, we’ll see how teaching goes.”

Realistic about the obstacles to come. Just another lesson for families bringing school home, due to a pandemic.

There are some other qualifications to home school your kids.

Including teaching required subjects and taking part in yearly assessments. 

If you'd like to learn more about homeschooling requirements, click here: Homeschooling in Washington.