Fries sold at CenturyLink Sunday came from potatoes fertilized with food scraps from the stadium

SEATTLE -- Fans at Sunday's Seahawks game may not have known, but the french fries they ordered during the game, weren't ordinary fries.

They were grown organically at a farm where the potatoes were fertilized with compost made from food scraps supplied by CenturyLink Field.

"The Seahawks have taken some really positive steps toward sustainability and not just doing it, but showing what they're doing and educating their fans. So their fans, too, can do it at home. They can compost on their kitchen counter. They can put in a raised bed garden," Karen Dawson with Cedar Grove Composting, said Sunday.

Cedar Grove creates the compost from CenturyLink's food waste, which a farm in Redmond uses as a natural fertilizer.

On Sunday, the farm provided 6,000 pounds of organically-grown potatoes to the stadium, to turn into french fries.