Community group offers free shuttle service for Election Day voters in Seattle

A free shuttle service will run until 8 p.m. for voters unable to get to a voting center in Seattle. It's spearheaded by a local community group, Urban Family.

"The emphasis is on black and brown communities because black and brown communities have disconnected from voting and feel powerless," said Paul Patu with Urban Family.

Pickup and drop off locations are at metro bus stops on 23rd Avenue South, Rainier Avenue South, and MLK Jr Way until 8 p.m. Text your name and location to 702-970-8326.

Voter turnout in King County is at nearly 80%.

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Seattle resident Sheena Carector cast her ballot on Election Day at the Centurylink Field voting center. She survived the deadly Category 5 Hurrican Maria in Puerto Rico back in 2017, so her vote weighed heavily on who can handle a crisis.

"I live in Seattle six months out of the year and Puerto Rico the other six and it's just a nightmare. It's been a nightmare for me and my people. We have suffered enough, everyone in the US has suffered enough," said Carector.

Current issues were also top of mind for voters.

"There's a lot of things that we're voting for, whether it be racial injustice, environmental issues, covid crisis, healthcare in general," said voter Sam Byrne.

Voter Mike Wilson adds, "I think this is a turning point in our nation's history. There's a lot going on and I think it's our generation's 60s."

As the voting deadline nears, voters can't help but feel anxious.

"Nervous, trying not to be too hopeful, but hopeful," said voter Grace Anixter.

Voter Justin Chu adds, "there's a lot of anxiety with everything going on but I'm really hoping for the best. I hope America does the right thing."