Free farmers market to give away 6,000 pounds of potatoes, onions in Lake Stevens

LAKE STEVENS, Wash. -- Volunteers are gearing up for a free drive-thru farmers market in Lake Stevens.

It's happening Friday, May, 29, and if it's anything like last week, supplies will go fast.

They plan to give away 6,000 pounds of potatoes and onions starting at noon.

Volunteer and local realtor Jim Scott says the need is growing every day - and he's grateful to work hand-in-hand with the farms giving donations.

"We just happen to be working with Farmer Frog's in Woodinville, and they have these trucks. They bring over the potatoes and onions – dump them – and then there is this army of volunteers bagging it, and then other folks food banks and churches are able to go over there load up and distribute it through their collective communities."

The food is free, but there are some rules to know before you go. You have to wear a mask. You must remain in your car. And you have to bring your own bags.

"I was kind of wondering what kind of response we would get on that Friday, and we had over 6,000 pounds ... we got wiped out in 45 minutes. Potatoes and onions ... they're not terribly expensive, but I'm realizing every penny does count."

The free farmers market is from noon until they are cleared out. It's taking place at Eagle Ridge Community Garden in Lake Stevens, 2420 Soper Hill Road.

Remember: You bring the bags, and they fill them up.