Franklin takes lead over Tuohy for first time in Everett mayoral race -- but still too close to call

EVERETT, Wash. -- We know the winners and losers for most races across our state, but three days after Election Day some are still too close to call.

The race with one of the narrowest margins is the mayoral contest in Everett.

After the latest vote results were released Friday afternoon, Cassie Franklin led Judy Tuohy for the first time, and by 169 votes.

On Election Night, Tuohy led Franklin by 49 votes. Her lead dropped to just seven votes Wednesday but then edged up again on Thursday to 19 votes.

“It should continue to stay this close until they get all the ballots counted,” Tuohy said.

Even then, a gap of 55 votes would require an automatic recount, which could take well into December.

“One or two votes makes a difference -- every vote counts,” Tuohy said.

On Friday, Tuohy said she is keeping busy  and trying to not focus on the nerve-wracking situation.

Franklin’s campaign says she’s still confident the votes yet to be counted will swing her way.

But the turnout so far is disappointingly low; Snohomish County is projecting a 31% voter turnout, a 10% dip from 2013’s comparable general election.

Between Franklin and Tuohy’s campaigns, they conducted more than 30,000 door-knocks.

“I am a little disappointed in that" turnout, Tuohy said.

In King County, about 43% of eligible voters took the time to cast a ballot, and in Pierce County it is less than 30%.

“I do think it’s irresponsible not to vote. I didn’t vote so I will not complain,” Marysville resident Carrie Fritz said.

And Fritz was honest enough to admit why.

“Sheer laziness. I didn’t feel like I had looked into the issues. I didn’t know who any of the candidates are, I don’t know what they stand for,” Fritz said.