FOX 13 sits down with Power Rangers cast to discuss franchise impact, future season

Power Rangers is back with the final episodes of season 29, Power Rangers Dino Fury, on Netflix.

The American series has been around since Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which premiered in 1993. It is based on the Japanese series, Super Sentai.

The latest season, Power Rangers Dino Fury, follows the Rangers played by Russell Curry as the Red Ranger, Hunter Deno as the Pink Ranger, Kainalu Moya as the Blue Ranger, Tessa Rao as the Green Ranger, Chance Perez as the Black Ranger, and Jordon Fite as the Gold Ranger as they protect the city from monsters.

Moya has ties to the Pacific Northwest, as he studied at Puget Sound College in Tacoma.

Power Rangers Dino Fury originally aired on Nickelodeon during season one before moving to Netflix in season two after contract expiration.

"It’s been a massive honor for all of us, and pretty surreal," said Rao.

While talking about playing these characters, Moya said, "It’s just so cool being a role model and inspiration for kids. I mean, those are the ones that really, at least when I’m out there, they might recognize me and notice me, and that feels really cool, because inspiring them, that’s been a dream come true."

"I watched Power Rangers as a kid. It was everything to me, so I still feel like I’m dreaming sometimes," said Curry.

With nearly three decades of Power Rangers, many kids have grown up with the series and continue to follow it into adulthood.

"It’s exciting to see literally every single range of someone find some sort of connection with Rangers, and it’s fantastic. I’ve had two-year-olds who can barely speak notice who we are, but I’ve also had an elderly man with a walker come up to me once and tell me how much he loves the show and that he’s watched every season, and how he’s going to watch it for the rest of his life," said Deno.

With the final episodes of season two premiering on Netflix on Sept. 29, that would normally mean the finale of the current Power Rangers.

However, in August, it was announced that the current Ranger actors would be reprising their roles in the next season, Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. This news makes it only the second time since 1993 that the series has brought back the same cast for a third season.

 "I’m really excited to be a part of something that hasn't happened. That's history itself," Frite said. 

When talking about what they would say to someone who hasn’t watched current seasons, Rao said, "Power Rangers has always been reflecting our society on the screen, and diversity and inclusion. I think our season just really takes it to so many other levels. I feel like if, perhaps maybe you might've seen it in the past and not necessarily seen yourself represented on the screen, you’re a lot more likely to feel that representation now."

"What I really love about it is that you can see the genuine relationships between us as actors and the characters, and when you watch it you get that feeling of like, ‘I know these guys’," said Perez.

Filming for Power Rangers Cosmic Fury is set to begin soon.

The cast says they don't know much about the new season yet, but that they hope to continue to make the fans and franchise proud. 

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