FOX 13 News investigates Ocean Shores superintendent's mysterious resignation

FOX 13 News is digging into controversy after a superintendent of a Grays Harbor County school district resigned without any public reason.

In April, the North Beach School District announced its current superintendent, Andrew Kelly, had resigned.

The announcement came with no specific explanation for the resignation. 

However, Kelly had been on paid leave already at the time of his resignation.

On March 13, the board of education voted to place Kelly on paid leave, saying they wanted to take time to carefully review information brought to their attention. The school district also said new information had also been brought to their attention between the original vote and Kelly’s resignation.

However, the district would not comment directly on the situation stating they do not speak on personnel issues.

Kelly is no longer listed on the North Beach Schools' website, however according to an archived version of the site, Kelly joined the district in July 2018.

The bio page also said Kelly previously worked as the superintendent of the Lyle School District in Klickitat County.

According to a 2017 Bingen-White Salmon Police Department report, Kelly told a police officer he was the superintendent of the Lyle School District during a suspected DUI stop.

The police report stated multiple calls came in of Kelly’s erratic driving. 

According to the document, Kelly told police he was not drinking and he failed a field sobriety test, blowing a 0.147.

The document also stated Kelly’s 13-year-old child was in the car, and Kelly also had a loaded gun in the center console of the car.

According to documents FOX 13 News obtained from the Klickitat County District Court, the charges were deferred in the incident. 

The deferral required Kelly complete a two-year treatment program, as well as maintain total abstinence from alcohol for five years, as well as several other parameters.

However, Kelly is now facing more controversy.

According to an Ocean Shores’ police report FOX 13 News obtained, a woman who knew Kelly, and who now is a member of the North Beach School Board, claimed Kelly assaulted her.

Within the police report, the woman alleges Kelly invited her over to his home and asked her to bring wine. The woman claims Kelly forced her to kiss him, pulled her hair, and tried to block her from leaving.

The incident happened in September 2021, however the police report is from March 2022.

Within the report, the woman says she was hesitant to report the incident because she felt awkward and unsure of what to do because of her position with the school board.

According to the report, Kelly told police he did not make any sexual advances toward the woman. Within the document, Kelly said he does not recall that evening if he touched her or did not touch her, but affirms there was nothing sexual about anything.

However, Kelly did admit to police that he drank a couple glasses of wine, which is a violation of his DUI deferral.

FOX 13 News got a copy of Klickitat County Documents from this month, which states the City of Bingen is moving to revoke Kelly’s DUI deferral from 2017.

According to the school district, Kelly had been on paid leave since March, around the time the Ocean Shores Police Report was filed.

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The district states Kelly’s resignation is effective June 30.

FOX 13 News spoke with Andrew Kelly on the phone who told us he could not speak at the moment and then hung up. We called back and left a message. 

He has not responded.