Four years after Tenino mother, Nancy Moyer, vanished -- new team of private eyes taking on case

nancyMISSING FROM TENINO -- It's been four years this week since a mother of two vanished from her home in Tenino, but now there are fresh eyes on the case. Thurston County detectives think something bad happened to Nancy Moyer -- especially since they say she loved her kids – that makes her disappearance suspicious. All of Moyer’s personal possessions, like her purse, were still in her home in when she vanished March 6, 2009. Investigators said there really hasn't been a big break in her disappearance since they started looking for her and a former detective on the case has since retired. Now, there's a new detective on the case and a new, separate team of private eyes looking to solve Moyer's case. “I think any investigators, whether they be law enforcement, former law enforcement, or private investigators, I think the opportunity for anybody that has some training and experience to put a new, fresh set of eyes on a case like this is helpful,"  said Thurston County Sgt. Ray Brady. If you have any information to help police find Nancy Moyer, call Crime Stoppers at 800-222-TIPS. You can text a tip here.