Four people sent to hospitals from FreakNight concert at Tacoma Dome

TACOMA - Four concertgoers attending the FreakNight concert at the Tacoma Dome had to be transported to area hospitals Friday night.

Tacoma Fire Department spokesman Joe Meinecke told Q13FOX News that two of the people appeared to be heavily under the influence of alcohol and two appeared to be under the influence of drugs.

FreakNight is a Halloween-themed rave concert featuring electronic music. The concerts, both Friday and Saturday nights at the Tacoma Dome, were expected to draw over 12,000 people each night.

Tacoma Fire Department staffed the event, with nine paramedics and other firefighters, Meinecke said.

Fire department staff evaluated the health of 83 concertgoers during Friday's concert, Meinecke said.

A Tacoma Police spokesperson said that there were no arrests at Friday's concert.

Alex Fryer, spokesman for USC Events, the concert promoter, said that their main concern is making sure that everyone who comes has a great time and goes home safely.