FOUND: Vehicle stolen from mother of four in Auburn located in Federal Way but missing kids' car seats

FEDERAL WAY -- Police have found Savannah Tharpe's 2008 Chrysler Aspen that was stolen Friday night outside a 7-11 in Auburn. She is still determining how badly it is damaged.  Nate Wahl from Bothell Import Service has offered to inspect it for free.

Tharpe has three girls aged 8, 5 and 2 as well as a 3 year old son. She says the thieves stole the kid's car seats and booster seats. They also took their backpacks as well as a tablet computer and a doll similar to an American Girl Doll intended for her daughter's birthday.

Additionally, she will have to pay to have the locks changed on her house since the crooks kept her keys.

Auburn Police are still working to gather video of the suspects and will try to identify them.

AUBURN, Wash.-- An Auburn mom doesn’t know how she’ll get to work or get her kids to school after thieves steal her car outside of a convenience store.

With her children by her side, Savannah Tharpe has been walking anywhere she needs to go since Friday.

“I have nothing now; I have no means to get anywhere besides walk with four kids,” said Tharpe.

That’s because this mother of four’s only mode of transportation, her 2008 Chrysler Aspen, was stolen Friday night.

“I turn around and my car is pulling off, I tell the workers, tell 911,” said Tharpe. “You know there’s nothing I can do.”

Auburn Police say the car theft happened just outside a 7-11 store on Auburn Way North. Investigators are working to pull surveillance video. She was parked right up front. Savannah thought it’d be safe as she left the car running while she ran into get a drink.

“I just ran in for one minute, you don’t think it will happen,” said Tharpe.

Now she’s left wondering how she’ll get to work and get her kids to school.

“I work so hard for everything I have, for a person to come up and take it,” said Tharpe. “You can just look in the back and see it’s all kid’s stuff. I don’t have rims. I don’t have anything nice. It’s backpacks, car seats and clothes.”

To make matters worse, Tharpe says this happened days before her 8-year old’s birthday, and all the presents she got were inside the car.

The car is a Black Chrysler Aspen with a gold Michael Jordan sticker on the back windshield with license plate number AVG5161. The car was last seen heading north towards Kent.

Anyone with information is asked to call Auburn Police.