Former Microsoft employee allegedly raped office custodian

REDMOND, Wash. -- A former Microsoft programming manager has been charged with raping and assaulting a female custodian in his office after hours on July 22.

Vineet Kumar Srivastava, 37, was allegedly in his Microsoft office located at 3009 157 Place NE when he raped an unidentified female, the King County Prosecutor's Office said.  The 32-year-old custodian was cleaning the kitchen on the third floor when Srivastava allegedly approached her and asked her to follow him to his office. The woman complied, saying she often cleaned offices and took out the trash at the request of office workers.

However, when the woman arrived in Srivastava's office, he allegedly pulled down her blouse and made a comment about her breasts. He also showed her pornographic videos on his cellphone, court documents allege, and asked the woman if she wanted to have sex because his wife was out of town.

The woman screamed "no," authorities said, but Srivastava closed the door and allegedly raped her. The woman continued to struggle throughout, but Srivastava overpowered her and forced her into submission, court documents alleged.

Following the incident, the woman called her supervisor who allegedly discounted the report and failed to tell anyone else. However, the rape was eventually reported to a higher supervisor and Srivastava was arrested at his office on July 26.

Srivastava denies all charges, saying the woman came on to him and forced him to have sex.

He was arrested for second-degree rape and is expected arraigned in King County Superior Court on Aug. 14.