Former jail guard pleads guilty to selling used chewing tobacco to convicted murderer

CHICAGO -- A former Cook County jail guard pleaded guilty Friday to accepting bribes to sell used chewing tobacco and smuggle marijuana and alcohol into the jail for a convicted murderer awaiting sentencing, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Jason Marek, 30, was caught in June 2013 when he tried to smuggle marijuana into the jail in two submarine sandwiches. The bag also contained two packs of Newport 100s cigarettes, which were worth at least $200 a pack in the jail, according to the plea agreement.

Marek met convicted murderer Thadieus Goods in March 2013, while Goods was awaiting sentencing, according to court records. At some point not long after, Marek started giving Goods a can of his used chewing tobacco—known as “re-dip”—every few days so Goods could dry it out and sell it as contraband to other prisoners, who would then smoke it, according to Marek’s plea agreement.