For many in Pacific Northwest, President Biden and VP Harris' inauguration brings emotions

For many people in the Pacific Northwest, Wednesday's inauguration of Joe Biden as President of the United States and Kamala Harris as Vice President brought out all sorts of emotions.

"When I was watching I was feeling really patriotic and really hopeful," said Elizabeth Goller, a civil engineer.  

For nonprofit worker Mohammed Amenula, it’s needed security.

"It feels just amazing. It feels like I can finally breathe. It feels like I am protected. It feels like I’m safe," Amenula said. 

Nicole Zander, who works in telecom, became emotional when watching the coverage. 

"I don’t want to cry on camera...very emotional," she said. 

She thinks about her kids, who haven’t seen their grandparents for almost a year because of the pandemic. She believes President Biden can bring us to a more promising place. 

"I needed today. I don’t know if anyone else needed it," Zander said, as she wiped away a tear. "I needed somebody to help us believe in science, to want to make the future better for sure." 

"It gives you chills," said Carley Greer, seeing someone like her make history. 

"The sky is the limit there are no limitations to your race, your age, and your gender," Greer said.  

Still, most recognize the immense challenges facing the new president and his administration. The U.S. is facing a pandemic and is more politically divided than anything we’ve seen since the Civil War. But for some, a swearing-in brings new hope. 

"I’m optimistic," said Bobby Agron, a mortgage broker. "As a country, we’ve pulled through a lot worse and I think we’ll pull through this as well."  

Others recognizing, our newly elected leaders, won’t be able to do it alone. 

Bill Coughlin, a retired entrepreneur said, "It’s really us that’s going to make the difference, not just them alone. We have to be together as well. So I’m hopeful, very optimistic actually." 

We also heard from lots of Trump supporters, none of whom were willing to talk on camera. Several said, they’re concerned about the next four years.

A clearly divided nation, wondering if the future will bring about healing.