Food Lifeline sees sharp drop in donations amid COVID-19 crisis

SEATTLE -- Food Lifeline, western Washington's largest hunger relief organization, is experiencing a severe drop in donations, but the need for food is rising.

The COVID-19 crisis has made it challenging for the organization to operate at its full capacity. Eighty-five percent of Food Lifeline donations come from grocery stores, but with people stocking up on items it barely leaves anything left for the foodbank.

"Half the people we serve are children and seniors. The other problem is that now that school's out, a lot of those kids are getting free and reduced lunches,  so the pressure on the food banks is going to increase," said Lifeline Spokesperson Mark Coleman. "And that's why we really need people to step up and give us a hand."

The organization is encouraging everyone to find their local food bank and send food items or donate money online.