Flood Watch on most major rivers through Monday, Tolt under Flood Warning

CARNATION -- The Tolt River in Carnation is already moving fast.

Flood stage is about 5 thousand cubic feet per second. Monday it's expected to reach 11-thousand CFS and that will bring flooding to some of the usual locations.

Just about every river in western Washington is under a flood watch and preparations for low level flooding are already underway.

John Anderson spent the day prepping a friend's house.

"Anything around the existing property like her generator, freezers, things like that that she has outside that she keeps for storage, everything has to go up on the pads so it doesn't float away,” homeowner John Anderson said.

It is at times like these that worried neighbors keep their eyes on the river.

"I haven't gone to look at the river yet but they told me it's going to come up but it goes up and comes down pretty fast, the Tolt so, we're just lucky we don't have a ton of snow,” homeowner Steve Davidson said.

If they can't see the rivers for themselves most have an app for that.

"King County has a text alert system you can sign up for certain rivers. I signed up for the Snoqualmie and the Tolt,” homeowner Glen Kirk said.

The big concern is the Tolt River and the speed at which it is expected to rise between now and noon Monday.

The national weather service says severe flooding, dangerously deep and fast moving flood waters are possible and will cover some farm land, roads and driveways, some homes could flood as well.

Water over roads could be the biggest threat... Remember; Turn around, don’t drown. It takes just six inches to float a car..

"I think Hwy 203 is pretty safe at this point. I've been here five years and I never seen 203 closed but when 124th closes down and then Tolt Hill closes down. It's more like a traffic issue than anything else. You have to go all the way through Duvall to get to Woodenville rather than cutting through all the back ways,” Anderson said.

The Tolt is expected to be back below flood stage by 6pm Monday.

"People who have lived out here they're used to it. They take alternative routes or whatever, you know but all and all that's what made all the fertile farm ground,” Davidson said.

When the Tolt reaches 11-thousand CFS Monday it will be the first time it`s been at that level since 2009.