Flight to Seattle diverted after unruly passenger tries to open emergency door mid-flight

SEATTLE -- An Alaska Airlines flight from New York to Seattle had to make an emergency landing Monday after a disruptive passenger tried to open the rear door of the aircraft.

Alaska Airlines Flight 7 departed JFK Airport at 7:39 a.m. on its way to Sea-Tac. During the flight, a man grew unruly, Alaska Airlines information officer Halley Knigge said.

The unruly man made his way to the back of the plane where he tried to open the rear door of the aircraft. Airline attendants tried to calm him down, but he remained disruptive, Knigge said.

The plane was diverted to Minneapolis and the passenger was taken off the plane by police.

Knigge said the rear doors of the aircraft will not open mid-flight because of altitude pressure on the plane.

The plane is scheduled to arrive in Sea-Tac with 180 passengers at 12:46 p.m.