First votes counted in three tiny New Hampshire hamlets, with Trump edging Clinton 32-25

DIXVILLE, N.H. (AP) —Donald Trump is off to a very early lead in the 2016 presidential election, winning over the voters of three New Hampshire precincts by a 32-25 margin over Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton won over the voters of Dixville, New Hampshire, by 4 votes to 2 over Trump. She also won in Hart's Location, N.H., by 17-14 votes over Trump.

But the hamlet of Millsfield turned it around for Trump, giving him 16 votes to Clinton's 4 votes.

Altogether, the votes of the three hamlets was: Trump 32, Clinton 25,

Polls in the tiny New Hampshire towns of Dixville, Hart's Location and Millsfield opened just after midnight Tuesday and closed as soon as everyone had voted. These die-hard voters are proud to have the first word on the big vote.

While Clinton won half the Dixville votes, Libertarian Gary Johnson took one and 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney got a write-in vote.

In Hart's Location, the vote was Clinton 17, Trump 14, Gary Johnson 3, Bernie Sanders 2, John Kasich 1.

Under New Hampshire state law, communities with fewer than 100 voters can get permission to open their polls at midnight and close them as soon as all registered voters have cast their ballots.

In Millsfield, N.H., the vote was Trump 16, Clinton 4, Bernie Sanders 1.