First-grader walks away from Everett school unnoticed

EVERETT, Wash. – An Everett first-grader from Silver Lake Elementary got on a school but never made it to class. Instead she ran to a nearby grocery store and a Good Samaritan found her and took her home.

First-grader Nevaeh Tisdale had quite the scare last week when she ran away from school without anyone noticing.

Landing at the nearby Fred Meyer store, Tisdale reportedly ran into a Good Samaritan, who drove her home, about three to four miles away. Tisdale says she was able to tell the Good Samaritan where she lived.

“I thank God for that lady, and that she wasn’t picked up by a creep or someone who wanted to do harm to her,” said Jasmine DeLap, Tisdale’s mother.

The school released a letter to parents informing them of what happened and letting them know additional staff will supervise at the school bus zone and one specifically to support Tisdale.

“It shouldn’t have happened in the first place,” said DeLap.

While still concerned, DeLap said she’s doing her part too making sure her doesn’t run off again and explaining why she should never to get into a car with strangers.

The Everett Schools district confirms while the start of school is 9:15 a.m., parents aren’t notified of absences until 10 a.m. In this case, the school didn’t notify the parents because she was returned to school by 9:30 a.m.