First blast of winter-like weather will bring snow - sprinkling in lowlands, heavy in passes

SEATTLE – The calendar still says fall, but the forecast says otherwise.

The first stretch of winter-like weather will sweep through the Pacific Northwest later this week, bringing significant snow in the mountains, a light smattering of snow in some places in the lowlands, and much colder temperatures than we’ve seen in many months, Q13 News Chief Meteorologist Walter Kelley said Wednesday.

For most of Western Washington, the snow won’t be anything to worry about, but will more likely be something to freak out about for a moment Friday morning.

Towns like Concrete, North Bend, Port Angeles will pick up some snow, but the roads will likely be fine because the ground is still so warm.

The mountain passes are another story, making for a potentially tough slog for Huskies and Cougars fans making the trip for their teams’ respective home games.

“Snoqualmie Pass will get more than 8 inches late Thursday into early Friday,” Kelley said. “The snow levels remain very low through the weekend, but there is not very much moisture. So, this weekend there can be spotty snow showers or hail or ice pellets or slushy rain with the passing showers but for the most part the Metro remains dry.”

Temperatures over the weekend will be 20-25 degrees colder than last weekend, with lows dipping close to freezing in place. There will, however, be some sun to go in places, with highs around 45 degrees.