Firestorm over massive pile of fire wood in Lake Stevens

LAKE STEVENS, Wash. -- A man in Lake Stevens is in a back and forth battle with the city over a huge pile of wood on his property.

Shane McDaniel says the city is trying to fine him tens of thousands of dollars because the pile is too high. The city claims it's a fire hazard.

McDaniel says more than 100 other people helped him split it, and that they donate it to people in need.

McDaniel claims that the city cut down a bunch of trees from a park, split the wood and then dumped it on his property.

"I got a call from asking me if I wanted the logs. I said, 'Sure.' He said, 'We're really not supposed to do it, so keep it low-key.' Then, 12 weeks later they show up and write me a fine. Not fair."

Lake Stevens Mayor John Spencer says the trees that were taken down are being saved to build structure beams for displays inside a pavilion.

"If doesn't move, I'll talk to Shane and say, 'Hey I've got people who will help move it and get it going. You just need to allow us to come in and load it up on trucks and move it out to people that need it," Spencer said.

Spencer says the fire marshal is concerned about the size of the wood pile. It doesn't allow access to the house if there's an emergency, and that's a fire hazard. McDaniel says he plans to have all the wood delivered by Christmas.

McDaniel posted about the incident on Facebook, and the city claims that it has been getting threats because of that.