Firefighters ram driveway gate to save UPS driver under attack by pack of dogs

PUYALLUP, Wash. -- Authorities say firefighters rammed through a driveway gate to save a delivery driver who was being mauled by a pack of dogs Wednesday in Puyallup.

According to Pierce County Animal Control, the four pit bulls attacked the driver at a residence in the 15500 block of 116th St E. The dogs cornered him against a trailer on the property about 75 feet inside a locked gate.

The driver called 911 and used his belt to try to fend off the animals.

The Pierce County Sheriff's Office says that when Orting firefighters arrived, a relative of the dogs' owner refused to unlock the gate at the end of the driveway.

"The fire department rammed the driveway gate, drove to the victim and pulled him into their vehicle."

The driver suffered multiple bite wounds, including punctures and lacerations, to his hands, arms and legs.

"Investigators recovered his boots and belt from the scene; his boots were reportedly pulled off by the dogs during the attack, and he had attempted to use his belt to defend himself from the dogs."

It's unclear if the gate was locked before or after the driver arrived.

The four dogs were taken to Tacoma Humane Society for a mandatory 10-day quarantine.