Business evacuated, kid's camp shelters in place due to Lakewood hazmat situation

Firefighters are investigating a dangerous chemical reaction at a Lakewood gun manufacturing plant in Lakewood.

West Pierce firefighters responded to Aero Precision, located near 100th St and 47th Ave. around 3 p.m. Officials say an employee was disposing of aluminum in mineral oil. Investigators say the employee was disposing of the chemicals correctly, however a reaction inside the steel drum created pressurization.

Officials say there was concern that the drum would explode and send shrapnel across a 1000 ft. radius.

Due to this concern, officials with West Pierce Fire and Rescue say Aero Precision was evacuated. Investigators also say the Lakewood YMCA was placed on a shelter in place. The YMCA is just a few feet from the manufacturing plant.

Officials say there was a kid's camp going on at the YMCA, and kids were taken to a nearby store, so their parents could pick them up safely.

Fire responders from Lakewood Police, West Pierce Fire and Rescue, as well as the Pierce County Sheriff's Department responded to the hazmat situation.

At around 8:30 p.m. the Pierce County Sheriff's Department was able to depressurize the steel drum.

"They set up on a gun, and they remotely fired it from a couple hundred feet away which actually sent a little water slug that shot the cap of the top of the 16 gallon drum, releasing the pressure that was within," said Captain Chris Pfaff with West Pierce Fire and Rescue.

Pfaff says as the steel drum depressurizes overnight, officials are suggesting employees still stay about 20 ft. away from the steel drum.

Fire officials say they will return in the morning to check the situation.

No one was injured during this incident.