Fifth year of high school could be an option for some Washington state students

What if there was a way that seniors in high school could make 2020 disappear from their transcripts? The possibility of a do-over with a 5th year of high school is a conversation starter for state lawmakers.

"This is interesting, let’s hear it out at least," said Tahoma High School student Jake Trost.

Senate Bill 5265 wants to give juniors and seniors the option to do an extra year of high school.

"Currently if you do that, your old grade stays on your permanent record, this would be a clean slate for somebody who ran into trouble for whatever reason," said Senator Sam Hunt.

For Trost, like so many student-athletes, the lack of playing time on the field is a concern meaning another year to play sports and be scouted is worth entertaining.

"I think it would be a good option overall to have it, I don’t know how logistically it will work, the idea of it is a good idea," Trost said.

Hunt said if his measure passes he wants to leave the details of implementation up to each school district and the WIAA when it comes to student-athletes.

He said the measure so far has the momentum after passing the Senate on Thursday.

"I got this idea from the state of New Jersey, New Jersey passed a similar law," Hunt said.

The cost of the measure, Hunt said, is unclear at this time.

"It’s really undetermined if we knew how many kids were not going to graduate, that’s totally up in the air," said Hunt.

As the bill moves to the House for consideration, the main motivation for an extra year is not just about academics.

"The nexus of it is really high school activities, just trying to give a normal experience to high school," Hunt said.

Although Trost is paying attention, there will be no 5th year of high school for him. He got into Whitworth University to play football next year.