Ferguson protesters demand action at Seattle City Council meeting

SEATTLE -- Protesters are back at it in downtown Seattle, this time at City Hall where they were met with heavy police presence.

They're upset with the decision in Ferguson, and are now targeting city council meetings. But this turned out to be more debate then demonstration.

During public comment, demonstrators, many of them the same people who disrupted Black Friday and the annual Christmas Tree lighting at Westlake, spoke out about police violence and the need for local officers to start wearing body cams.

They want public to see exactly what happens during confrontations with police. It’s a technology that wasn’t used in Ferguson when Officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown.

“The word try is not good enough,” declared one protestor. “You need to do it now. We need to outfit all officers in body cameras.”

Councilor Bruce Harrell, who is head of the public safety committee, said the city and police department are on board with getting body cams in the next 1-2 years.

Prior to the meeting, there was worry around city hall that the  demonstrators might be disruptive like they have been at other events downtown since the announcement that Wilson would not be indicted. Several officers were stationed around the building and the elevators were closed to the public in case anyone tried to take them over.

But at city hall on Wednesday, they came , not to disrupt, but to talk.