Female jogger sexually assaulted at Green Lake; third attack in three months

SEATTLE, WA -Friday, Seattle Police say a male suspect sexually assaulted a woman jogging at Green Lake; this is the third attack at the location in about three months.

Seattle Police say around 7 am Friday morning a male suspect groped a female jogger near the 7700 block of Corliss Avenue N.

Police say they checked the area but could not find the suspect.

People who live along the road say they did not know about the incident in their community.

“I feel so safe; I walk through the allies; maybe I shouldn’t do that,” said Carol Kelly who has lived in the area for 24 years.

This is the third attack that has happened in the area, in just three months.

In late September, a Q13 News employee was attacked while running on Ravenna Boulevard.

In October, police released a second report of a very similar attack.

“It makes me extra cautious,” said Molly Capron.

Capron says she jogs about five times a week. She says when she runs in Green Lake, there are places she avoids.

“I don’t run around the lake trial because it’s not lit at all,” she said.

Police say they do not think this incident is connected to any other crimes.