Feds asking for your help in identifying Auburn mail thieves

AUBURN, Wash. -- Federal postal inspectors are asking the public for help in identifying three suspects who broke into an Auburn post office and stole mail.

"This is a pretty brazen attack on the postal service, on these victims and the mail system itself," said USPIS Inspector John Wiegand.

The latest burglary happened Tuesday night at Auburn’s main post office. Surveillance video even shows the suspects tearing down wanted photos of themselves.

The trio are suspects for other post office break-ins, including one in Milton.

“The Inspection Service takes the theft of mail as one of its highest priorities when it comes to investigations,” Inspector Anthony Galetti explained. "When suspects are this brazen, we take that investigation to an even higher level.”

There’s a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to the suspects' arrest.

"We’d characterize these as more of your professional mail thief," said Wiegand. "They’re taking this to the next level, they’re not just driving around and breaking into a mail box that’s not even locked."

Tips should be sent to (206) 748-5433 or the Inspection Service 24 hour line at (877) 876-2455.