Federal Way Police arrest wanted child rapist accused in home burglary in Sequim

CLALLAM COUNTY -- A convicted child rapist accused in a home burglary in Sequim on January 23, 2016 is in custody after almost two years on the run.

The Federal Way Police Department's Special Operations Unit arrested Level II sex offender Mikhail Frantz aka 'Mic' on November 16th based off a tip from a Washington's Most Wanted viewer.

Frantz, who could often be seen holding a homeless sign by the Shell station off the freeway, was located at a known drug house behind the Walmart Supercenter.  The 38-year-old, who has a conviction Rape of a Child 3rd degree, has been transferred to the Clallam County jail where he is being held on $15,000 bond.

Clallam County prosecutors have charged him with Burglary in the First Degree, Theft of a Firearm and three counts of Theft in the First Degree.  According to court documents, Frantz admitted to being high on meth and working as the getaway driver during the burglary of a home on Pond Lane in Sequim.  The other suspect was later arrested in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

During an interview with detectives on July 6, 2016, Frantz said that he and his cohort plotted the theft while they were high on meth.   He said the other suspect knew there was a safe in the dining room of the home from previously helping to move furniture there.   They drove to the home in his friend's red Toyota 4-runner and parked within walking distance.  He said that he got into the driver's seat and drove around waiting for the other suspect to text him to pick up him.

Frantz told officers that his colleague returned with two rings, thousands in cash and a handgun from the safe.  Frantz told detectives they dumped a backpack used in the burglary off Taylor Cutoff Road and that it contained the handgun. Detectives located the backpack and recovered a .38 caliber handgun, a BB gun and mail belonging to the victims.

On March 1st, detectives questioned Frantz's mother about out her son's role in the case. She told them that five days after the burglary, he took her out to an Asian Buffet, bought her a pair of slippers and gave her $300 for herself and $1500 to hold for him.   She also said that her showed her a gold ring that matched one stolen from the safe.

In an interesting twist, Frantz contacted police on January 29th and reported that he had been robbed at a motel in Sequim.  At the time, he said the suspect took a gold ring as well as an $800 gold chain necklace along with $600 to $700 in cash.  It wasn't until he was questioned months later that detectives learned the ring that Frantz reported stolen from him in the robbery was one of those taken during the home burglary. Detectives also believe that the gold necklace was purchased with cash stolen from the safe.

Mikhail Frantz is Washington's Most Wanted Capture #1032 thanks to viewer tips.