FBI releases video of Oregon shooting

The FBI has released video of the fatal traffic stop shooting of an armed occupier of a national wildlife refuge in Oregon.

The aerial video was shown at a news conference Thursday evening. Robert "LaVoy" Finicum, an Arizona rancher, was shot and killed by police Tuesday during the arrest of most of the armed group's leaders on a highway north of the refuge.

The video shows a truck speeding toward a roadblock and hitting a snow bank. Greg Bretzing, special agent in charge for the FBI in Oregon, narrated the video and said that Finicum then got out of the truck.

The video appears to show the individual that got out of the truck reaching into his pocket. Bretzing said Finicum had a loaded handgun in his pocket and he "on at least two occasions" reached his right hand toward the pocket inside his jacket.

The video then shows the man being shot by officers.

Warning: graphic content

Bretzing said Oregon State Troopers fatally shot Finicum after he reached toward his pocket.

Bundy followers had given conflicting accounts of how Finicum died. One said Finicum charged at officers, who then shot him. A member of the Bundy family said Finicum did nothing to provoke the officers.

The FBI posted the video to its YouTube channel.