Father of Mukilteo survivor says son was shot in the back: 'It's a parent's worst nightmare'

SEATTLE -- Will Kramer survived the shooting in Mukilteo and now the 18-year-old remains at Harborview Medical Center in serious condition.

Will’s father, Paul Kramer, said his son is slowly getting better after being shot in the back while at that house party over the weekend where three people were killed.

“It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. My son made it through and he’s traumatized and has physical injuries,” said Paul Kramer from Harborview Medical Center.

Kramer said he got the awful phone call on Saturday morning. The person on the other line told him his 18-year-old son had been shot in the back. The bullet narrowly missed his spine and other vital organs.

“The bullet went through his scapula, through his left shoulder blade, shattering the scapula and shattering the bullet. He’s left with multiple fragments of the bullet lodged in tissues in his upper left shoulder,” said Kramer,

Will was one of four people shot at a party in Mukilteo Saturday morning.

Three of Will's friends -- Jordan Ebner, Jake Long and Anna Bui -- died after police say Allen Ivanov opened fire at the home.

“I know it’s an ongoing investigation and I trust they will pull it all together, but it’s already clear to me that this was premeditated. This was calculated and this was planned. This was thought-through over a period of time and the young man made a choice to kill,” said Paul Kramer.

Kramer said he’s angry and believes we need tougher gun laws. Police say Ivanov bought the AR-15 rifle just days before the shooting.

“I don’t want other families to go through what we are going through. I don’t want other families burying their children,” said Kramer.

Will remains in the Intensive Care Unit of Harborview Medical Center but his dad says he’s expected to make a full recovery physically.

However, Paul Kramer says Will has been traumatized by the loss of three of his close friends.

“That’s going to take a long time to heal, not just for him but his circle of friends who witnessed this carnage -- seeing and experiencing things that no one should ever experience,” Kramer said.