Father of 2 killed in hit-and-run; victim's mom demands justice

A 31-year-old father of two is dead after a hit-and-run in Pierce County, and his mom is now fighting to get justice. 

On Tuesday morning around 3 a.m., Maggie O’Grady says her son Kevin Mattson was hit by a car that kept driving. Mattson died in the hospital, she tells FOX 13 News. 

However, there have been no reports of this incident until Saturday. FOX 13 News spoke directly with the family who are demanding justice.

"My baby’s gone, and I’ll never get him back, and he didn’t deserve this," said O’Grady.

O’Grady says on Tuesday, the hospital called saying her son had died. 

She tells us Mattson lived a complicated life.

"He liked skateboarding, spent a lot of time doing that. He liked basketball. And he was just a real gregarious person," she said.

However, the father of two also struggled with addiction and was homeless, O’Grady said.

Pierce County Sheriff’s Department officials confirm they are investigating the case.

The incident happened near the intersection of 9th Ave Ct S and 108th St S. 

FOX 13 News obtained surveillance video from a nearby home, that captured the entire incident. 

Around 3:07 a.m., video shows what looks like a man standing with a blanket on, near the street.

One car passes and the person is still there. A second car drives by and then the person in the street is no longer visible.

Another angle shows as the car drives by. Its taillights turn on, and it seemingly slows down, but does not stop.

Later surveillance cameras show a third car driving toward the scene. It stops, and turns down a side street. You can see what appears to be a person on the ground.

"Regardless of who he was and whatever his situation was, he was a human being who deserved humanity. Who deserved someone who cared," said Jacquie Drzemala.

Drzemala lives near where the crash happened. She tells FOX 13 News she heard the sound of the incident from her home and went out to the scene.

She stayed with Mattson until first responders arrived, she said.

"I just wanted to make sure his family knew he wasn’t alone when, after it happened. That he wasn’t just left to be found. He wasn’t just left to die. That someone cares. Even in this world. Someone cares," said Drzemala.

Drzemala gathered and kept Mattson’s belongings that were left on the side of the road.

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On Saturday, FOX 13 News was able to return Mattson’s belongings to his mom, including a beloved skateboard.

"Thank you. And I know that had to have been hard. And I’m sorry that it was my son that she got to meet that way," said O’Grady.

She asks anyone who might have information on her son’s death to contact the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.