'We'll be back here next year'; Fans react to Mariners post season playoff run

Fans cheered on the Mariners at watch parties that stretched well into the evening Saturday. They were disappointed that the playoff run was coming to an end for the Mariners following the Game 3 loss to Houston, but were grateful for the chance to see the team play post season. 

"We are here for the Mariners post season push," said fan Liam Chang of Vancouver, B.C.

Chang traveled all the way from Canada to watch the game. He gathered with hundreds of other fans around TVs in and around Hatback Bar & Grille at the official watch party Saturday.

Jeremy Peña HR in 18th inning eliminates Mariners in 1-0 loss to Astros

Jeremy Peña hit a solo home run off Penn Murfee in the top of the 18th inning as the Seattle Mariners fell 1-0 to the Houston Astros in a game tied for the longest in MLB postseason history.

"Didn’t work out so well as I thought it would have," said Liam.

Throughout the six-hour game, fans were glued to their seats as day turned to night.

"Very nervous, building up intensity there," said Cory Rogers, another patron.

"The tension has been crazy. Everyone has just had a lot of emotions. We're just glued to the screen, ‘What’s up next? What’s going to happen?’," said Kailyn Baccetti, a Seattle Mariners fan. "It’s such a low scoring game. It’s, ‘Who’s going to score?  What’s going to happen?’"

Vanessa Aslanian and Michael Russell were inside T-Mobile Park during much of the game. They crossed the street for food and cocktails on the Hatback Bar & Grille patio after the innings stretched into the double digits. 

"It's good energy. It’s electric, vibrant. It feels like back in '95. I love it," said Vanessa Aslanian. 

"It was so much fun inside. Really fun, great," said Michael Russell.

The fans held on through 18 innings.

"It was the longest baseball game I’ve ever experience in my lifetime, so that was very exciting," said Ryan Fant, an M's fan from Michigan.

In the end, it wasn't meant to be.

"If they lose, it’s just a game," said Robert Casteelo.

Fans hope this is just the beginning of a bright future for the Mariners and are already looking ahead to 2023. 

"I was so excited about the run here in Seattle. I was cheering on the Mariners. I’m very proud of the team and better luck next year," said Ryan.

"We’ll be back here next year, you know, all the Vancouverites will come down from Vancouver and cheer for the Mariners, that’s for sure. You know, we’ll be back," said Liam.