Fans react to Seahawks 'demonstration of unity' before season opener

SEATTLE—The Seahawks’ demonstration of unity just before the game struck emotions from 12s throughout Century Link Field. While both Seahawks and Dolphins fans were fierce opponents when it came to the game, there seemed to be a consensus about what the Seahawks did off the field and one the sidelines.

On the 15th Anniversary of the September 11 attacks, every Seahawk stood side by side with linked arms as the national anthem played. It was a moment that touched fans long after the game ended.

“Especially on September 11, I didn’t think it was a time or place to sit, but I did like the unity that they did,” said Amber McCord.

Amber and her husband Michael are Seahawks season ticket holders and proud 12s, but say they’re Americans before anything else.

“I was very afraid that they were not going to stand up and respect our national anthem,” said McCord. “I love the Seahawks, but I love my country more.”

On the other hand, some Dolphins fans were disappointed by four Miami players’ decision to kneel during the anthem.

“The dolphins let me down because they had people kneeling,” said George Garrido, Sr., who is from Miami and is a Dolphins fan. “You know what? This isn’t a day for that. This is a day to remember what happened in New York, and that’s it.”

The Seahawks say they understood that too.

“First and foremost we wanted to honor the lives that were lost on this tragic day in our history,” said Doug Baldwin after the game.

However, the also wanted to share their message that not everyone in this country is treated fairly.

“Being on this platform and having this world watching us play football, we chose to be that bridge and help build the bridge,” said DeShawn Shead.

Baldwin also announced the team will be meeting with Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and police agencies to further discuss the conversation about race relations.