Fans on both sides agree NFC title game will be close


12th Man Fan Fair 007SEATTLE - A Seahawks rally in the heart of Kirkland ended with a picture perfect number 12.

Fans dressed to impress, convinced it matters.

“It’s a tutu you know I am supporting the Seattle Seahawks, I’m very superstitious you know I’ve been wearing this every game lately, Andrea Shamberg said.

Chris Rider says it took him an hour to paint his face blue and green.

“I had quite a bit of help from my girlfriend but when it comes to these things you can’t skimp,” Rider said.

Doug Shinstrom transformed into a Seahawks superhero with the help of a cape and swim trunks.

“You know you got to get a lot of green in there if you are a Seahawks fan,” Shinstrom said.

At J&M Café in Pioneer Square it was mostly red.

Despite the 12th man’s home field advantage, the 49er fans say they are not intimidated.

“We don’t have any weaknesses,” said 49ers fan Morgan Strauser.

“You guys have owned us up here we are ready to clear our names,” Adam Brooks said.

“Arizona beat you guys here proving the fact that you can lose at home,” Alejandro Gonzalez said.

Seahawks fans say not a chance.

“We walk in here and there are so many 49ers and all we have been saying is Seahawks,” one Seahawks fan said.

“We are getting them all riled up because we are going to beat them tomorrow,” Michele said.

“Navarro is a scary man but Marshawn Lynch is going to run him right over,” Jordan Nissem said.

 But one thing many can agree on is that it will be a close game. Many on both sides are predicting their team is going to win by one touchdown.