Family who survived Katrina and recent house fire looking for a new home for holidays

SHELTON, Wash. -- They lived through Hurricane Katrina, weathered the storm of domestic violence and just recently survived a fire that took their only home. Now this family is just looking for a place to call home this Christmas.

But packed into three small hotel rooms in Shelton,  they find time to sing, rap and just be a family.

It’s what they’ve done since losing everything.

“We put up our Christmas tree Wednesday, Thursday night there was a fire,” said mom Tricellea Washington.

That fire destroyed their mobile home and put Washington and her 10 children into three rooms at Motel 8.

“We just moved in September so it just started feeling like home,” said Washington.

Before that, the family had been in and out of shelters for the last two years trying to escape domestic violence. That fire brought up hard questions once again.

“Are we going to have a house, are we going to be back in the shelte,r or are we going to be in a hotel again?” asked 15-year-old, Jabez Woods.

Losing everything isn’t new for this family. They survived Katrina, losing an uncle to the storm.

“Katrina was very devastating,” said Washington.

Now they’re in Shelton, going to school, playing basketball, spending a lot of time together in close quarters.

“I couldn’t imagine life without my family. I have friends but these are really my best friends,” said Woods.

But they need help. Monday, dinner came from a local Girl Scouts troop.

Wednesday could be the last night in the hotel before they have to find a new place.

“I also look at it like it’s a test.  God is not finished doing what he has to do. He has something bigger and better,” said Washington.

They'll take anything, a rental, a couple rooms, a miracle, as long as they’re together.

“Together for the holidays, just like totally together,” said Washington.

They’ve weathered more than a couple storms but this unsinkable family could use a lifeline right about now.