Family welcomes newborn baby through hospital window: Celebrating life's biggest moments from a distance

BURIEN, Wash. -- They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This one certainly tells a story.


We wanted to learn more about the family celebrating a newborn baby, while separated through a window.

Lucy is named after her great grandmother Lucy (seen here) who passed away from cancer four years ago.

It seemed only fitting, after being born at the same hospital, this newborn was given Lucy's name. A moment Lara's mother wasn't about to miss.

“It’s her first grandchild," Lara said. "So we wanted to get my mom to come and see the baby. They just told us, there is no way because of all of the coronavirus issues. We talked to the nurses and the nurses were like, hey if you want to talk to you mom, she could come to the window right behind me and she can come over there and meet the baby through the window.”

The grandmother, seeing her first grandchild for the first time and capturing video on her smartphone.

The baby’s middle name is Faith. Something Lara says, we all desperately need. Faith in the future for a baby, born in one of the most unsettling times in modern history.

“It’s a difficult time right now," Lara said. "But we’re actually very happy that she came into the world and so is my family. We see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Or the light shining through this window in the photo below, illuminating what matters. As a newborn gives all of us faith -- there will be brighter days ahead.