Family says fatal shooting of father, son at Auburn bus stop is a mystery

AUBURN, Wash. --  The girlfriend of a 19-year-old man killed in a double homicide at an Auburn bus stop says she doesn’t know why anyone would hurt him.

Auburn police arrested the suspects about 24 hours after the shooting that claimed the lives of Angel Mireles, 19, and his father, Mark Rivera, 40.

Mireles died at the scene Tuesday night. Rivera died at Harborview Medical Center the following day.

Darlena Rodriguez told Q13 FOX News that she is determined to overcome the heart-wrenching grief of losing Mireles, her boyfriend and father to her 14-month-old son.

“I am going to work hard, and I am never going to give up and I am going to make sure my son has everything,” Rodriguez said.

She added that she doesn’t know the suspects arrested in the case.

Froilan Hermenegildo, 19, is accused of killing the father and son.

“I’ve never heard of that name ever and Angel tells me who all of his friends are,” Rodriguez said.

She’s getting firsthand accounts from Angel’s 14-year-old brother who witnessed the traumatic shooting at the Auburn bus stop on 17th Street SE and A Street SE.

“If he hadn’t run, he would have been shot,” Rodriguez said.

Rivera and his two sons were at the bus stop, waiting for Rivera's wife to leave a friend’s house nearby when police say a dark-colored Acura pulled up.

“Angel walked up to the car, words were exchanged, and the guy pulled out the gun and Angel tried to take the gun. While he was trying to do that, he just shot him,” Rodriguez said.

She said Rivera ran to help his son.

“He ran to his son and he shot him,” Rodriguez said.

Rivera is someone she loved like her own father.

“Very loving father, he worked very hard to provide for his kids and his wife,” Rodriguez said.

Referring to the wife, Rodriguez said, “Her heart has totally been torn out of her chest; she doesn’t know how she’s going to go on."

The family said both Rivera and Mireles were hard working and not involved in gangs or drugs.

“I want to know what happened and how it happened,” Rodriguez said.

Court documents revealed Hermenegildo just got out of jail Oct. 1 for alleged possession of a stolen vehicle. Detectives also say he is a known gang member but when it comes to the double homicide they still don’t have a motive. It is unclear if the crime was random or targeted.

A judge set a $2 million bail for the suspect and found probable cause to hold him. Prosecutors expect to bring charges by Monday.

Police say a 16-year-old girl was also in the Acura at the time of the shooting. A court on Thursday found probable cause to hold the teenage girl. She is now accused of rendering criminal assistance and possessing a stolen vehicle. Police found the Acura matching the suspect’s vehicle in Tacoma before making the arrests. They say the Acura is a stolen vehicle out of Federal Way.

As the investigation continues, detectives are taking a close look at surveillance video from a nearby 7-Eleven. They say the suspect got gas and walked into the 7-Eleven minutes before pulling the trigger at the bus stop a block away.

Rodriguez said Rivera and his sons went inside the same 7-Eleven shortly before the shooting but Rodriguez does not know if that played a role in the shooting.

The family said they have many questions as they mourn their loss. Rodriguez said  Rivera was brain dead from the shooting but still had a heartbeat. The family decided to donate his heart and waited for a donor to be found before taking him off life support.

Rodriguez has set up a gofundme account for funeral costs for Mireles and Rivera. She said money is tight now and she’s hoping the community will donate.