Family of Danielle Nemetz speaks out as her husband's murder trial moves to jury deliberation

TACOMA  --  Not a day goes by that Vera Shumard hasn't thought of her niece, 19-year-old Danielle Nemetz.

“I think she was smart in wise ways and she never knew a stranger,” said Vera.

Pierce County prosecutors believe the aspiring YouTube star was murdered by her husband, Skylar Nemetz.  The former JBLM soldier is accused of shooting Danielle in the back of her head with his AR-15 rifle in their Lakewood apartment in October 2014.

Nemetz insists he didn't think the gun was loaded, and broke down on the stand on February 11.

Close family friend James Peltier says Danielle was like a daughter to him.

“We came up here because we wanted answers, you know, some truth,” says James.

Both James and Vera traveled to Tacoma from their homes in California, to seek justice for Danielle.

“It’s been really hard in this, especially because we've been exposed to photos during the trial and you see that and you can't unsee that stuff,” says James.

Ten days before her death is the last time Vera spoke with her niece.

“She had said that she had married the love of her life, her best friend. I said, ‘Wow, Danielle, you’re such a wise young girl you are,’” says Vera.

“Whatever the verdict is, we have to go on. We feel like we know what happened, but we want justice and I’m praying that God will take care of that,” says Vera.

Danielle’s family has this gofundme account set up for their travel costs to be here for trial, in case anyone wishes to donate: