Family members of Nancy Moyer say they are shocked with break in 2009 case

TENINO, Wash. -- Samantha Moyer has lived more than half her life without a mom.

“Lots of milestones; she didn’t get to see me graduate, she didn’t get to see my first dance, me drive a car, any of that,” Samantha said.

Every time a precious milestone passed, the hope of finding her mom diminished.

“Unless you are in the situation, don’t think you can fully understand it,” ex-husband Bill Moyer said.

Bill says her mysterious disappearance has consumed the lives of everyone who loved her.

“The whole family needs closure; her sister, her parents need closure, the rest of the family all need closure,” Bill said.

Their answers could finally come if authorities can find Nancy’s remains on a property in Rochester where they were searching Wednesday.

“It’s crazy, I didn’t expect the case to go this far, it being cold for 10 years,” Samantha said.

The Moyer family says law enforcement never gave up and they are grateful.

“They’ve been very good to the family,” Bill said.

Samantha is also crediting a recent podcast for bringing the spotlight back to her mom’s case. They believe it scared the suspect to come forward.

“I feel like people wouldn’t have come forward if it wasn’t for the podcast and James Baysinger,” Samantha said.

“I think the more you are in the national media, the better,” Bill said.

Baysinger’s Hide and Seek podcast launched in March.

Baysinger says Nancy’s bizarre disappearance tugged at his heartstrings.

As a dad himself, he wanted to help her daughter.

“What I wanted to do was apply the pressure and if that’s what caused him to come forward then good that’s what we needed,” Baysinger said.

Now they wait, cautiously optimistic.

“We want to believe this is the end much like the press; until there is a body we aren’t there yet,” Bill said.