FOX 13 viewers help organization find homes for those in need

The CEO and president of Snohomish County-based Angel Resource Connection says that thanks to FOX 13 News’ coverage, she has been able to immediately help someone in need of housing. 

The Angel Resource Connection is an organization that works to serve the homeless with food, clothing and housing resources, as well as kindness.

CEO and President Penelope Protheroe said she got frustrated waiting for outside resources when trying to house people in need. 

About a year ago, she took action herself. Protheroe started looking for donated trailers, or even buying them herself, to house people in need. The trailers have to be safe, and work. They also have to be parked legally, like in a trailer park.

Protheroe says she has been busy this week, following FOX 13 News' coverage.

"To receive six phone calls of people wanting to donate those trailers, within 48 hours, is monumental for us," said Protheroe.

In just a few days since the story aired, Protheroe has already been able to connect a family looking to donate their trailer to a man who needed a home.

"That was amazing to actually meet the person who is going to be living in our old trailer here. Knowing that we’re helping out an actual person and not just a face, or a line in an Excel sheet, is absolutely amazing," said Michael Janzen, whose family was looking to get rid of their trailer. 

He says his family used to road trip across the country in the RV, but recently it has sat in a storage area.

Instead of selling the RV, Janzen said he really wanted to donate it.

He says his wife had a brain tumor, and it has been difficult on the family. But with the help of so many people, the family has been able to get by. So, Janzen said he wanted to give back as well.

This week, Janzen saw FOX 13 News’ story and decided where the trailer would go.

"Michael and his family-- they’re like a miracle for me," said Jacob Anderson.

For the last five years, Anderson says he has lived in his car. Now, thanks to Janzen, Anderson has a new place to live. 

For the Janzen family, hearing that Anderson has dealt with the effects of a head trauma incident, made them feel even more so connected to assisting him.

Protheroe says there have been six calls for trailer donations since the story aired on Monday. She is hopeful to get another person housed within the next few days thanks to the community’s support. 

She says there have also been monetary donations coming in, which is greatly appreciated with the work Angel Resource Connection does within the community.

However, Protheroe says they have also received about a dozen calls from people in crisis since the story aired.

For more information on the work that Angel Resource Connection does, or to get involved click here.