Family devastated after 10-year-old girl killed in accident at Grant County resort

A family spoke to Q13 News after they faced the most tragic situation any parent could deal with: the violent death of their young daughter.

A death they say could have been prevented.

In July, members of the Ross family traveled east toward Quincy, Washington for a stay at Cave B, a resort area along the Columbia River.

On the property, the family says their 10-year-old daughter, Danika, swam in a manmade lake. 

While swimming, Danika was pulled under the water by a pipe, the family said.

"Her little brother, Sebastian, he said, ‘I was holding her hand and trying to pull her out, but I was feeling like I am going to be dragged also and I had to let her go,’" said Danika’s mom Margarita Ross.

Ross says the tragedy haunts each member of the family.

"Always in my dream, I see this pipe and you wake up and you can be like, ‘oh ok, I wake up from the nightmare,’ but that’s a nightmare you wake up to because it’s actually the reality," she said.

A lawsuit filed against Cave B and other subsidiaries states Danika was pulled through a 90 degree bending in the piping, and more than 70 feet up a hill.

Her father, Simon, says the trip was supposed to be full of great memories for his family, and now it has become the worst thing any of them have dealt with.

"I feel the huge immense guilt, that I let my child down by not protecting her," said Simon Ross.

Q13 News reached out to Cave B, as well as several other subsidiaries listed in the lawsuit for comment.

However, none of them responded.

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