Families weigh dilemma of how to spend Thanksgiving this year

With COVID cases surging in most parts of the country, people are weighing in about whether or not they plan to modify Thanksgiving this year.  

Governor Inslee has joined West Coast governors to issue a travel advisory. He is also asking everyone to not hold Thanksgiving with people outside your immediate household.

Thanksgiving is one of Marielle Face’s favorite time of the year.

“I always spend time in the holidays with my family,” Face said.

She’s a long time Bellingham resident who moved to Wyoming recently.

She had plans to fly home to Western Washington to see her parents for Thanksgiving.

“Ultimately my mom and I decided it didn’t make sense for me to visit,” Face said.

She says Governor Inslee’s travel advisory asking people to quarantine for two weeks after arriving and leaving Washington played a role in her decision to cancel Thanksgiving.

“I don’t have that much amount of time I have one week of travel so that was a big factor,” Face said.

Another reason is that her mom is a breast cancer survivor and they are cautious about her immune system. So this year they will be making new traditions.

“My mom and I were talking on the phone this morning, she was asking if we cold Facetime during dinner,” Face said.

Face also says she doesn’t want to deal with the stress of being worried about family members getting sick if she were to come home.

Over in Jefferson County, it’s a similar sentiment. John Jennings usually has people over but not this Thanksgiving.

“If I can minimize that risk by doing just little things I am going to do that,” Jennings said.

For Federal Way resident Eligh Soto, the family gathering will go on for now.

“We will try to play it safe as we can but still manage to come together as a family,” Soto said.

Soto says he takes the virus seriously and has barely seen his family members this past year due to COVID. But for Thanksgiving they are making an exception.

“Those worries are there of course like I said tomorrow is never guaranteed we can get sick tomorrow or we can get sick 6 months from now, living in fear is not something we can continue to do,” Soto said.

Over in Shelton, Josh Hollingsworth says he will be around the usual group.

“We see each other throughout the year it’s with our in laws and probably my best friend, it’s going to be like every other thanksgiving

Hollingsworth is a grocery store worker and he is aware of the recommendations not to hold traditional events.

“I don’t want to live my life in fear, I do respect other people and their opinions, I do wear my mask to work and through my entire shift as do my coworkers and things like that, but I just want to be able to spend time with my family,” Hollingsworth said.

Hollingworth says precious time with family to him has become even more important in 2020.