Washington families say $1,400 from new stimulus would make huge impact

It’s possible you could have an extra $1,400 in your bank account by the end of the month, depending on final approval of a new stimulus package.

On Saturday, the United States Senate voted 50-49 on a $1.9 trillion relief bill that will affect most Americans.

This new stimulus package still needs approval from both the House and President Joe Biden. The package would provide $1,400 to people who earn $75,000 or less annually.

For a lot of families in Washington, these dollars would make a huge impact.

"I have $350 sitting in my checking right now," said Vanessa Randolph.

Randolph is a mother of three young children, living in Tacoma.

She said this check would help her family get by.

"A lot of people say, ‘I want to put the money back into the economy.’ I just want to be able to make it month to month. You know, struggling and having to worry about where we’re going to have the next diapers for our daughter, or are we able to get wipes," she said.

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However, some folks wonder if they’ll even see any money.

"I just don’t really understand how things work because I got my first one [stimulus payment] within a week, and then the second time, stimulus, I never got anything, period. So, I don’t really know how this is going to work for the third stimulus check," said Zach Hudson.

Hudson said he has not been able to get answers on why he did not receive a second stimulus check.

He says he hopes he is not left out again.

The IRS said all first and second economic impact payments are issued. If you did not receive one, you will have to file a recover rebate credit claim on your taxes.

For more information on what that means and how to do it, click here.