Families return home after Nisqually River flooding

OLYMPIA, WA - Families along the Nisqually River are still dealing with the destruction that flood waters caused earlier in the week.

Thursday, parts of the Nisqually Delta were urged to evacuate due to flooding.

On Saturday, some families returned to their homes, seeing for the first time the damage caused by the flood.

"It doesn’t even feel like the same house," said Brian Willard.

For the Willard family, their home on the 11000 block of 6th Avenue Southeast was their dream. Brian served for more than a decade in the Army. This was the first time he and his family were able to settle down in one place.

As a disabled veteran, the single-story home allowed Brian to move around; it also had plenty of space for his three children, and it was in the Willard's price range.

"This was our home. This was our calling. This is where we were going to set up our family for the rest of our life," said Brian Willard.

Now, floor boards are everywhere due to the flood waters that filled the family home. There is mud, water and dirt scattered throughout the house.

“The sheer amount of work we’ll have to have done inside this house is beyond overwhelming. It’s heartbreaking," said Leila Willard Brian's wife.

However, the family will not face this challenge alone.

An organization based out of North Carolina who works to help people in need, but does not want to be named, is assisting Willard's family.