Families in NICU during holidays celebrate Thanksgiving together

SEATTLE, WA - Tuesday, dozens of families stuck in the hospital during the holiday season, celebrated an early Thanksgiving.

For more than a decade, The March of Dimes has teamed up with Swedish Hospital, and Hotel Sorrento to provide families who will spend their holiday in the NICU a Thanksgiving feast.

This year’s meal was made from scratch by Hotel Sorrento and donated to the hospital, officials said.

For many in attendance, the night means more than just a hearty meal.

“The NICU will always be our family,” said Grace Corpuz.

One year ago, Corpuz and her family had their first Thanksgiving meal at the Swedish Hospital, but not by choice.

Corpuz gave birth to twin girls, however her pregnancy did not go full term, and she gave birth to the girls after only 26 weeks. Her one daughter passed away, and the girl’s twin sister was not in good shape. She weighed less than a pound, Corpuz said.

Corpuz says instead of spending the holidays with family, showing off her new twin girls, shet spent Thanksgiving Day at the cemetery, and at the hospital.

But Corpuz says being at the hospital helped her.

“They lifted up my spirt to help me survive the most difficult time of my life,” said Corpuz.

This year, Corpuz is back at the hospital, but this time it is by her choice.

Many like Corpuz come back year-after-year to return the favor they once recieved, giving support to families going through the difficulties of having a baby in the NICU.

For Corpuz and her family, they were able to take their daughter home after four months in the NICU, and now her daughter is doing

The Corpuz family is looking forward to spending her first Thanksgiving outside of the hospital this year, they’re also looking forward to the birth of their newest daughter in the next few weeks.