Falling fish knocks out power in Seattle

SEATTLE --Utility officials say a falling fish knocked out power to nearly 200 customers in Seattle.

Our news partner The Seattle Times reports that a Seattle City Light crew investigating the power outage Wednesday afternoon found an electrocuted fish on the ground beow the power lines. They figured that one of the eagles or ospreys that routinely hunt in the nearby Duwamish River must have dropped it.

Power was out for about two and a half hours.

City Light says birds often cause power outages _ 162 of them in the city last year, including two by bald eagles. Raccoons are another common culprit. But spokeswoman Connie McDougall says this is the first time she's heard of a fish knocking out power.

McDougall says the workers who found the fish think it was a salmon, but she notes that ``they're not fish biologists.''