Fall will usher in summer-like weather, with highs of 80 in places

SEATTLE – Summer’s not ready to die quite yet.

Though the fall equinox happens Friday just after 1 p.m., Q13 News meteorologist Walter Kelley said it will usher in one more stretch of sunny, warm weather.

Some areas could even hit 80 degrees next week.

“Don’t you worry - there are some great days ahead with ample sunshine and highs in the lower 70s,” Kelly said Wednesday evening. “A few next week, in areas like Auburn, Darrington and Packwood, will even get up to 80 degrees.

“Enjoy some nice fall days!”

Kelley said to expect spotty showers through Thursday morning, particularly on the Eastside and in the mountains. Thursday afternoon will be sunny, with highs near 65 degrees.

Friday is expected to reach about 68 degrees after some morning fog burns off.

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