Facebook page selling drugs, alcohol to teens?


SEATTLE -- Snohomish County moms Lisa Warren and Megan Dascher-Watkins keep up with crime in their community and want their kids to be safe online. Recently, they got a tip about a disturbing group on Facebook.

It's called ‘Hella Whack Nights' and is an online marketplace where adults appear to be openly selling drugs and alcohol to teens.

“Facebook is the dealer’s best friend. You don`t have to worry about having a drug house and someone coming in and busting you. You can hide behind your computer screen and do it at a Starbucks,” Dascher-Watkins said.

We browsed the 'Hella Whack Nights' page and found posts that read, “Kush for molly”, “Lookin’ for pain pills” and “Tryin’ to get rid of some vodka.”

“Why would you sell vodka online when you can get it at the grocery store unless you’re selling to a minor?” asked Dascher-Watkins.

Police say they are aware of the site and investigating.

There are similar Facebook bartering pages set up in places like Lynnwood and Everett. On the 'Everett Real Buying and Selling' Facebook page, in between the crock pots and furniture for sale, we saw people wanting to trade drug paraphernalia for pot, and a person asking to swap “fireworks for weed.” We also saw what appeared to be stolen property like electronics and jewelry where the person posting said they had to get rid of the items fast.

These moms want other parents to be aware and have a conversation with their kids.

“There is a sterilization and innocence of viewing it on Facebook that they won’t get caught. They need to realize it is illegal. There are people who are aware. Awareness is growing and there are people who are not going to put up with it,” Warren said.

The moms feel Facebook holds some responsibility and should shut these groups down.

In response to queries from Q13 FOX News, Matt Steinfeld of Facebook said late Thursday afternoon they were unaware of the “Hella Whack Nights” group page but are looking into it.  He said they are not a buy/sell site like eBay, but if there is alcohol bartered, they will block users under 21 from the group.  He said if there are drugs posted, they will remove those members from the group.

Warren and Dascher-Watkins run a Facebook page that alerts people to crime in Snohomish County.  Here is the link to their Facebook group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/521204161318393/